An Ode to Eve

An Ode to Eve

These words, these lines

This voice, these rhymes,

Speak to the essence and presence

Of the feminine divine.

To daughters and mothers

Sisters and lovers.

From your dads, sons, partners and brothers.

Regardless of relation, we’ve sailed your

Vibration since the apple and Satan.

When we were awakened

by Gods footsteps shaking,

and the anticipation of our condemnation.

On the ground of the garden man turned up his nose.

Blamed you for his failure, a childish prose.

It was her! This woman’s a thorn not a rose!

She tricked me…

God told him, you’ll reap what you sew.

Man was forced to work,

to hunt and move dirt.

She was given the pain of blame and birth.

But was it a setup?

God makes no mistakes

Did he need to know?

Which one would break?

He gave us free will

And does not interfere

He told us and showed us the apple was there.

Did he create the snake, to propagate hate?

Or to catalyze choice, so we could create.

As a contrast to love,

To know, to enlight

Because without dark, there can be no light.

Man coward in fear,

And God took delight.

For the woman sat still and God held her tight

whispering, man said that you were to blame for the bite…

I cannot trust the giver of blame,

To deal with the struggle the load and the pain.

To bring forth my descendants, my image, my lineage,

The manifestation of reincarnate descendants.

Man will toil, break rocks and spoil

The gift of this earth so I give you the soil.

You are the wind, the rain and the tides.

The seasons the weather in you they abide.

Man will be strong, you will stand at his shoulders,

He is the mountains the canyons and boulders.

But power and strength your true holder.

For water cuts rock, wind turns hills to dust.

So only in you will my children I trust.

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