Does your hobby have any return on investment?

Remember techno bowl? Ya, I’m that old… I’d stay up all night decimating DB’s because Bo knows football and 8 bit Bo could run circles around anybody. As super human as he was in real life he was a ninja with the force of the jedi on Nintendo. My Dad was an old school Raider fan so of course I followed suit. I started watching football at about 8 years old. The Niners were the Patriots now and patriots were the Niners now. Ya, I’m that old. I watched football every Sunday morning but didn’t really keep up with it besides that. As I reached my mid 20’s the technical aspects of the game started to interest me more than snot blocks and stiff arms. Play calling, draft picks, standings, injuries, basically the math behind the magic. So 4 hours on Sunday turned into 6 hours for the pre and postgame shows. Tuesday nights they aired the press conference so that’s 7 hours. By my mid 30’s I was subscribed to blogs, Facebook pages, spending hours googling stats during shit talking fest with buddies. I’m just going to guesstimate that at about 10-12 hours a week.  At about week twelve division rivals start to mean more.  A loss for them is a win for us so of course I had to watch the KC, SD and Denver games. 12 more hours… Week 14 the wildcard is on the line and there are usually about 4 games in those two weeks that you can’t miss. 12 more hours…

I’m not the best at math but all that pretty much adds up to a part time job. Not to mention the games I actually went to. Two hour drive to Oakland, some brews and beef, the game and then 2 hours home. That’s a whole day. 2-4 times a season.

I wasn’t just losing time but quality time. My Fiancé didn’t really mind, she wants me to be happy and enjoy myself and she definitely liked having all Sunday morning or afternoon to herself to hide in the bedroom or on the patio and read a book. She’s also a realist and doesn’t complain about things she already knew she signed up for.  I’ll bet she would have appreciated me planning a few day trips for the family on the weekends though.  My adolescent step-son who could care less about sports definitely did not get the time he deserved with me. His father was a no show the whole time and between work, football and everyday life I really wasn’t there either. I could have had daddy daughter dates with my daughter who is an amazing musician and artist. We could have attended venues and showed interest in her passions and search for purpose. I could have gone to breakfast with my dad or lunch with my Grandma. I could have earned any degree on earth in that time or built any business.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with football or being a dedicated fan. I’m saying always be aware of return on investment with anything in life. If I went to school or studied a trade 6 hours on Sunday, 4 hours on Thursday and 1 hour on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday for 4 years what would my potential income look like right now? If I followed that same schedule with my family, what would my relationships look like right now? If I spent that same amount of time on my body and mind every week, what would I look like right now?

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